About Me

Bonjour! My name is Kerri and I'm a self-taught Artist. I daydream of France most daily. Especially Paris, and north east France (Alcase, Colmar, and Strasbourg.) French villages & cottages where my heart belongs. I love Paris decor & French Provincial furniture. I collect French vintage logos & advertisements. 

I have been selling my hand painted artworks to customers since 2001. I love to create and sell my vintage art reproductions that remind me of the old "Vintage Paris Markets" of France. The markets were filled with artisan goods and collectibles, often bartered or sold.

I'm a Catholic girl, born and raised in south Florida. I live on Palm Beach island next to the beach where I share my home with my dogs and they help supervise the art studio.

I love God more than anything in life, and I am grateful to Him for everything I have in life!